About reporting
What is integrated sustainability reporting?

Integrated sustainability reporting is a fairly recent development in the field of sustainability reporting: in the past organisations used to report on the triple bottom line in separate reports. Integrated reporting wants to tell the story of the organisation's business, strategy and risks from a all-encompassing viewpoint - giving a snapshot of the company's overall position, strategy, risks and plans.

The King Code
Listed companies must issue integrated reports

The King Code on Corporate Governance defines an integrated report as "a holistic and integrated representation of the company's performance in terms of both its finance and its sustainability. King II contains specific requirements for integrated reports in terms of content and focus. Listed companies on the JSE are obliged to produce an integrated report in terms of the JSE's listing requirements.

Business case
Integrated reporting is good for your business

Corporate reporting on financial and non-financial information in a single document has grown as companies.

Research suggests that producing integrated reports will have a strong correlation to the resilience and ability of a business to create value in the short, medium and long term.